This internet application can answer your labor questions quickly, conveniently and accurately. It can answer outright questions on management prerogatives, termination, labor unions, wages, regular employment, etc. It hopes to improve employer-employee relationship in your company. Materials are being updated regularly.

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The IRIS DATABANK INVENTORY for Construction Companies allows you to record acquisitions and release of materials for your construction projects.

You can build a listing of construction materials with corresponding unit price. It has an indexing function which allows you to categorize each material according to its nature (wood, tubular, light, etc). You can also identify each material according to WORK PHASE (Plumbing, Carpentry, Electrical, etc). each work phase can be further categorized (dry wall, waterproofing, finishing, etc).

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Department of Science and Technology Evaluation Report
After extensively evaluating Iris Databank software products for more than one year, the National Computer Center released the following report. READ REPORT. A more technical and detailed report may be made available on request.


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  Iris Databank is a software development company that specializes in SOFTWARE CUSTOMIZATION. We can develop software applications for ANY kind of business or occupation. Describe the software you need and we will develop it for you exactly as described.
Need to cut down on computerization and/or software development cost? We deliver superior workmanship at unbelievably low price payable in easy installments. Please check out the downloadable applications available on this website.

Iris Databank can develop internet applications that can connect your offices or branches anywhere in the world. It will allow you to centralize your operations where your personnel and/or customers can conveniently input and/or access data REAL TIME. If you are presently spending too much money on your computerization (software, hardware or maintenance) or your system does not seem to be working properly, please feel free to get in touch with us for a second opinion.

During software development, we include FREE OF CHARGE functions or procedures which in good faith, may have been omitted in the contract but crucial to the use of the system (terms and conditions apply). Based on experience, these omissions usually get noticed during the actual use of the software where the client already gets a full view of the software as it fully automates the whole or a section of the company. Since it is not provided in contract, other software companies will either not develop the function or will require the client to pay more.

You need not hire too many personnel when the work could be done faster and more efficiently by using customized software applications.

You need not hire too many personnel when the work could be done faster and more efficiently by using customized software applications.

You need not have your business transactions prone to human errors when strict validations may be put in place using customized software applications.

You need not lose money on pilferages or other acts of dishonesty when you can closely monitor each transaction using customized software applications.

You need not have your customers blind on the status of your service to them when you can give them information on-line using a customized internet software application.

You need not limit your market reach when you can have potential clients transact business with you on-line anytime anywhere.

You need not use a system that satisfies only 40% or 60% of your requirements or has functions you don't need.

You need not use a system with functions the software vendor thinks you need and not what you actually need.

You need not use a system where you are required to reorganize your company to conform with it.

You need not have a software vendor telling you that that there is no such thing as an error-free software.

You need not waste the time of your personnel in attending training on how to use the system.

You need not have only technical people knowing how to run the system and you don't.

You need not use a system that overwhelms you with so many confusing buttons, functions and procedures.

You need not pay for a system when you are not given enough time to evaluate it and unsure if the system will run as you would expect.

You need not have software vendors who, in order to close a deal, needs to secretly pay commission to your personnel resulting to overpricing and/or toleration of system errors.

You need not have software vendors telling you that your business is complicated and use it as an excuse for delivering a substandard software you cannot fully utilize.

For Iris Databank, NOTHING is complicated. Let us do the worrying for you.





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